Creepy Cemeteries
Erie Street Cemetery
​Is Cleveland’s oldest existing cemetery.  When the last was first acquired by the Village of
Cleveland in 1826, it was considered far enough form the center of population that it wouldn’t
get in the way of new construction.  Occupants of the more centrally-located Ontario Street
Cemetery were exhumed and reburied here.  Today, downtown Cleveland towers all this
​spacious, shadypiece of land; the city has grown and expanded over the decades, but he
​graveyard has remained essentially unchanged for more than 175 years.  

Lake View Cemetery
The largest and most significant graveyard in the state of Ohio is, with out doubt, Cleveland’s LakeView Cemetery.  Located at 12316 Euclid Avenue on the city’s east side, it was founded in 1869, covers 285 acres, and contains more than 101,000 dead people, with about 700 added each year.So many Italians stonemasons and gardeners immigrated to Cleveland to work in the new cemetery that the neighborhood they formed, Little Italy still exists nearby.

Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Cleveland’s Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery is the site for multiple hauntings.  The grave of which is located there, next to a big, old tree, marked only by a fence which surrounds the place where there should be a gravestone.  The ground is sunken in above where she’s buried.  It’s said that if you get too close to her grave, “sometime terrible” will happen to you.

​Terra Vista Cemetery
Valley View’s Terra Vista Cemetery, also called Tinker’s Creek Cemetery, is said to be haunted.  It has a reputation for cult activity, but that may owe more to its spooky, isolated setting than anything else.  Witches are said to conduct services here.  The gravestones are arranged roughly in a pentagram formation.  A house far behind is said to have been the site of a suicide pact between several teenagers and a woman’s screaming can be heard there as a result.  

Haunted Buildings and Structures
​Federal Reserve Bank
The Federal Reserve Bank Building at Superior Ave. and East 6th Street in downtown Cleveland is said to be haunted by a ghostly woman named Matilda.  She is dressed like a flapper, the same way she was dressed when she killed herself in 1929 after the stock marketcrashed and she lost everything.  Now she stalks employees through thegigantic old bank

Franklin Castle
Cleveland’s Franklin Castle has the distinction of being Ohio’s mosthaunted house.  Its is a big dark
building with stone walls, a turret, and a six foot wrought iron fence.  Hans Tiedemann, a german
immigrant who got rich from his barrel-making business and later the banking industry, built the
house in the mid 1800’s  The count varies, but it was supposed to have 21 rooms.

Grays Armory
The armory built by the Cleveland Grays in 1893 is sad to be haunted by apparitions and the sound of a ghostly footsteps on the staircases and floors.  The Grays were founded in 1837 as a city militia, but they were so well-trained, drilled and disciplined that the city of Cleveland sent them proudly to fight in every major American conflict from the Civil War through World War One.  

​Squire’s Castle
Fergus B. Squire built the Castle as a caretaker’s home while he built the real castle, which was never completed.  he lived in the caretaker’s cottage while he was preparing to build the main house.  one night his wife was found dead on the basement steps with her neck broken. This tour is more of a history of the castle along with some creepy stories of what may or may not have happened.  We will be meeting at the strobe light so please look for it when you pull into the parking lot. 

​Detroit Superior Bridge
At the time of completion in 1918, the Detroit Superior Bridge was the largest steel and concrete reinforced bridge in the world.  The bridge spans between the east and west bank of the Cuyahoga River and the under belly of the structure boasts cavernous, linear space. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS & MEETING SPACE

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